Movieclip Iteration

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Greetings Kineme,

I have been developing some nice looking compositions for a 50" PQ multitouch surface, tons of fun and super easy to work with in quartz.

So far I have just been using particle systems with static images as the input to create multitouch effects but when I use a video input all the particles have the same movie position.

Hopefully there is a way to use iterators, sample and hold, and billboards to spawn videos with unique play positions (I don't think I worded that well). In other words, you press your finger down, a video plays at that position and stays there until it is done playing, meanwhile more of the same clip can be spawned around the composition, each instance starting from the beggining and playing to the end.

I doubt I am the first to attempt this and any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Movieclip Iteration

i dont know if i understand your question but... maybe you should be use random patch to control the position and scale of each image, and after use a interaction and sample and hold to "freeze" the image that yo are clicking on the view .... i hope that help you...