Multiple Interactions with Sprite

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I have been trying to make a slider that responds to direct interaction (mouse) and also to 2 finger drags (magic pad). So that I can click and drag the slider to a position and/or use a 2 finger gesture to drag the slider into a new position also. Sort of like how the song timeline interaction on itunes works.

The problem I have had is getting the values to blend together. For instance, when I click and drag (Mouse) the slider from the origin to a value the slider reverts to the initial position before moving in a (Gesture) making the blending between interactions jerky.

I'd ideally like to have this slider respond to mouse clicks, gestures, and any OSC input I define. The issue is getting the values to merge together without jerky transitions.

I know there is a real good way to do this. They are all over in most programs, how can this functionality be emulated in Quartz? It's like the 2 Finger Drag Patch needs to have an updated value of where the slider is when I click it that way there is not a gap between values when the interactions are switched.

Thanks for any suggestions

You'll need 1024's Selector Plugin (Handy anyways)

Slider Tetss.qtz23.97 KB

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Re: Multiple Interactions with Sprite

Hi -- I thought the Interaction patch was broken, but it looks like the team might have it up and running again with 10.8.2? Here's a slider patch I had abandoned, might be of use. I set out to make it scalable, clickable and normalized. I have not addressed multi-touch.

EDIT: this seemingly simple .qtz is crashing a lot, IOKit is the culprit every time.

slider_scalable.qtz72.25 KB