Need to create an audio delay effect for 0.5-1.5 seconds.'s picture

In order to sync audio mixing desk input with my FW camera Video input which has about a second of lag on it's FW output I want to delay the input from the built in audio jack of my MBP. Just need a straight delay all wet no dry signal.

Does Kineme's Audio Tools have that capacity? I've never played around with them much. Just a matter of creating a n seconds long queue?

If not Audio Tools any other options? I wish I had a guitar pedal or effects rack but I don't — very low budget gig this one. Not just KISS but KICK — Keep It Cheap Kraft/Krap/Kiss — if I can coin a new phrase, not that I'd call my MBP cheap or krap but you've all been there I'm sure.

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Re: Need to create an audio delay effect for 0.5-1.5 seconds.

There's two ways that come to mind. But I'm not sure if you need to delay the actual audio signal or just whatever you're doing to it in QC.

You can do what you're saying with the queue; one of the cool aspects of the queue is that it can queue any qc type (as far as I know), and the audio structure is one (I'm sure you know this, mentioning it for others). You'll have to view it as delaying samples, I don't think you'll find a direct "this many queue samples=x seconds" because of the variable framerate of QC.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a super tight match if you're rendering all of this live if your composition lags, though you can tweak the latency you're inducing by picking a higher or lower sample on the fly.

That's going to be delaying the audio waveform/audio peak/etc info, not actual audio stream. There's an audio player and you can trigger that at any time but that doesn't sound like what you're speaking of.

All that was the first way :-)

If you just need to delay incoming audio that you're receiving from hardware, maybe try :

-Installing soundflower bed. -I guess you're just going in through the mini jack analog or through the toslink thingy. In either event, I'm guessing you can use Garage Band, or Reaper (free) to bring in that audio from the device. There may even be simpler apps available that I'm not aware of that facilitate this. -Use AUSample Delay to offset how much you need. This is going to gave you straight up sample delay, no reverb/eq stuff. -Monitor the system output from that app, grab it with Soundflower, and send it to the Kineme Audio patch that does live stuff, and then do the graphics stuff with that AUSample Delayed signal.

Sorry for some of the generalizations. If I can clarify anything if you get stuck let me know. Maybe someone else can think of something radder.

Funny, in older days there just would have been a slider in sound card stuff to adjust latency of incoming audio feed built in.'s picture
Re: Need to create an audio delay effect for 0.5-1.5 seconds.

Thanks George. Those both sound like good ways to do it, I could track the delay time internally with a second queue and timestamps and adjust the structure index I use to sample a long queue from I guess to get timing stable but an external app sounds better, (could end up with a yoyo effect if not careful).

I hadn't thought of GargeBands.

I'm using BonixTV to do the vision mixing and writing custom layers for it in QC and it turns out there is an inbuilt Audio delay function not just for the camera inputs but for any audio input so it looks like I'm sorted now, I can do it in the App I'm already using I just didn't know it.

Thanks all the same for good answers; I'm certain they will help other QC users pondering QC based audio delay in the future.

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Re: Need to create an audio delay effect for 0.5-1.5 seconds.

You can try this plug in from audiocommander to...