OAuth w/ Network Tools?

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Has anyone performed OAuth with Kineme Network Tools? We're attempting to build a composition that can read and post to Twitter, but we want to figure out the authentication stuff first...

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Re: OAuth w/ Network Tools?


I'd bet if you used this, you might be able to pull it off. That's where I'd start anyway.

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Re: OAuth w/ Network Tools?

We were looking at this in another thread here on the streaming api - http://kineme.net/forum/DevelopingCompositions/TwitterStreamingAPI - but not much success.

You'll need to have an app. setup on twitter. I've only done this via PHP so I had an external URL, but there should be a way to do this without a callback URL.

I'm not sure if network tools can accept inbound http requests which would make oauth a bit easier (js oauth library).

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Re: OAuth w/ Network Tools?

I actually sort of solved this by just using p_g_-TwClient QC plugin (https://sites.google.com/site/pgtwitter/twclient). You just have to check out the OAuth Consumer framework from Google Code, build the source, copy it to /Username/Library/Framework (create it if it doesn't exist), and install the plugin in QC Plug-Ins folder.

Here's where it gets interesting. Once the plugin is installed, and actiated (with active viewer window), it will open a browser window to authenticate with Twitter and your account, once that's done it will return a passkey, which you just paste into the plugin's 2nd properties page. You can now post to Twitter from inside QC. It saves the OAuth key information in QC Editor Preference/.plist file.

This DOES work in Quartz Builder. All you have to do is copy the two OAuth key entries from your QC Editor plist, into the plist for the app after you've built it. I'm also assuming that you'll need to copy the OAuth Consumer Framework to whatever machine you're using it on, as I don't think Quartz Builder includes it.

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Re: OAuth w/ Network Tools?

interesting, does this method also work for a GET response?

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Re: OAuth w/ Network Tools?

Bonerton, did you manage to find a solution for extracting tweets in QC?

I just tried mattgolsen's solution. Unfortunately the plugin was coded only for POST, as one of the inputs take in a message for posting.

Originally I thought that there was a possibility that it would work for GET, so I tried it and I managed to get to the authentication webpage, enter my details and obtain the key, which I entered into the plugin. Unfortunately, making an XML call to twitter using the following:


only resulted in an error return from Twitter that I had 'bad authentication'.

I am guessing that the authentication is only for this plug in module, which takes an input message to perform the posting.

So unless we obtain the source code for this plug in and modify it to use GET, we're out of luck as far as this plugin is concerned.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.