OSC, _1024_Network Patches & any other workarounds

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Following on from this topic about various OSC implementations has anybody been using Franz's Network send and receive patches. I have them sending images between compositions since OSC can't do that without serialising an image somehow (yuk) and being a network patch they could go around an intranet to other Macs.

The problem I have is not speed since 1fps for my current use sending mainly text data and a few images is fine but that it fails in Quartz Builder. It even conflicts with another Kineme Plugin I'm using and crashes QB when they both in the comp. Should mention Network Patches obviously run in apps Franz build in Xcode as opposed to QB.

Another idea I considered was writing images to HD or RamDisk and pulling them up in another comp and use OSC to send the URI string and other text/number data. Haven't used a RAM disk for 10 years but I guess it's still possible.

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QB conflicts with _1024_NETWORK send/receive

Syphon might prove to be a more direct match for inter-composition moving image content, than signaling via OSC (UDP has a 9k data limit on Mac OS X) to an on-disk resource location.

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Re: QB conflicts with _1024_NETWORK send/receive

Good point. Thanks.