Output/send structure from inside Iter

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Hello! I have a composition with an interaction patch working inside an Iter. I need to output Xpos and Ypos from Interaction by sending a structure out of the Iter 'Macro' I use queue and structure maker to do so. There is problems using osc inside iter. so I tried _1024_NETWORK_Sender but _1024_NETWORK_Receiver changes structure order.

Is there any way I could output/send an structure and keep same order as the original source? See sample for a better understanding.

Thank you!

Network Order structure.qtz20.27 KB

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Re: Output/send structure from inside Iter

try kineme spooky send. also using two iterators one where you queue up the interactions or coords but do not render in. not rendering inside the iterator makes its it so you are able to publish outputs to a higher level. so for me usually making a copy of the render iterator and taking out consumer patches usually works for data. this only works if your comp can handle one rendernqeueuing data and the other doing then same thing to render.

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Re: Output/send structure from inside Iter

Yes I tried using two Iters but using interaction patch, the render doesn't seem to send back the data to interaction patch. With spooky works good! I thought this patch wasn't recommended to use it. Thank you!

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Re: Output/send structure from inside Iter

send&return interaction signals by osc floats


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Re: Output/send structure from inside Iter

nice example, noboko.