Particles and Depth Testing

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Hi Gang! Have a big Kinect-Synapse powered comp. Am using Kinect Skeleton Stickman and Particle system

The Particles always seem to render on top of the skeleton, even tho the particles are sometimes in front or back in Z space than the skeleton. Other items are respected depth-wise, just not the particles....

I see no tabs on either patch for Depth testing (like the Sprite patch.)

Am I doing something wrong? or does (maybe) the particles patch not do depth testing?

bumfuzzled.... would appreciate your thoughts or other approaches...


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Re: Particles and Depth Testing

I think that particles have a "read-only" going on implicitly, not read/write. Layer # is going to determine what they draw on top of or behind, not z value. You aren't doing anything wrong (or, at least you're not the first one surprised/vexed by it).