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I was looking for a plugin that will pass a QC structure which includes images, strings and floats between compositions.

I actually want to build the sender patch into a QB app and have the receiver in a QC composition, so plugin 'range' needs to extend outside the QC Editor runtime environment.

I eventually found Franz's plugin way back in time on 1024 — so many since!

Was speculating about other methods, like writing images to ~/Library/App Support/whatever and sending the uri inside structure, but down side is I have to load them one by one at other end. Okay for use if the sending App and recieving comp are on same Mac.

Then I though I could just save as a .plist and open that in the other comp, negating the need for iterating import of the images then reinserting into my structure.

Franz has a warning about sending images across a network even just inside one Mac. I was wondering how this and plugins like it actually transmit big data blobs like images. Does it send the blob once then just keep sending memory references to the blob from there after at 1GHz or whatever? What if the receiver is switched on after the sender sent the first blob, will it ask for a repeat send of the entire blob?

Any ideas/experiences with this stuff…?

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Re: Passing Image Type Structures between Compositions

Can't seem to get _1024_NETWORK 1.02.plugin to load on 10.5.8 PPC either… I think it's supposed to be a Universal plugin.