Point Tracking

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I am trying to get solid point tracking in Quartz. I want to track objects rolling around on a table and have them listed as points in a structure.

I have tried Carasuelo's Blob tracking but it crashes on me all the time, however, it works well for the brief seconds it does, maybe there is a beter way to use it. I have also tried the OpenCV patches but I have not found a solution even though this is the realm.

All I need is a point in a structure for every blob in the video feed.

Tools like TUIO Kinect, Community Core Vision (CCV), are great but I cannot get a customized feed into them. Syphon anyone?

Any suggestions or solutions?


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Re: Point Tracking

Just to conclude, I made an app to do this in Processing.

Quartz I love you, but with deprecation possibly looming, perhaps it was best that I learned to integrate a second language.

Here is a rundown of the code: https://forum.processing.org/topic/connecting-points-with-lines

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Re: Point Tracking

Could you send me your Console Log of the plugin crash ? It might be useful for my new implem.

benoit.lahoz (the usual at sign) carasuelo (the usual dot) org

Thank you !

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Re: Point Tracking

I have just e-mailed you the console crash info from when it failed.

I would love to see some revision on this plugin as it really seems to do the trick but perhaps has a little bug in it causing it to crash when I put in a movie file.

Let me know if I can be of more help.