Publishing Ports and Binding to Controls in Xcode

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Using Quartz for developing compositions, and then using Xcode to finish them off, has proven quite useful.

However, I have come across a block when adding a 'Quartz Composer Patch Controller' to any view in a Cocoa application.

I will not let drag the icon into the window, or QCView, even after I added the Quartz Framework - the icon just bounces away.

I followed the Apple article, but did not get the same result.


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Re: Publishing Ports and Binding to Controls in Xcode

don't drag the patch controller to the QCview, drag it into the project view. see snapshot

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 5.18.13 PM.png
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Re: Publishing Ports and Binding to Controls in Xcode

you can expose all your published ports without binding or using a patch controller. drag a qc parameters view to your screen. Like you where expecting to do so with patch controller. Then control click and drag from parameters view to your qc render view and select the option qc render comp. What this will do is populate that parameters view with all your published input ports. It will automatically make the GUI elements for you like sliders etc... you will notnsee them until younbuild your project. I actually like to make a separate parameters view window. In most cases this will get you by. if you need to customize your Gui elements then you would want to bind your values separately with a controller.m

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Ports Published

Dust, I like the simplicity of your way where it brings up a window much as it looks like within Quartz. I was able to get that to interface with the published inputs.

Franz, I see how it drags into the Document Window, it makes sense now. However, I tried working through the rest of the Apple Example and realized that there is no longer a copy of the composition they reference 'macEngraving'

I was wondering how I would connect a slider and a button to my composition. I get stuck when entering the 'Controller Key' and 'Model Path Key'.

Thanks for all the help!


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