QC 4.6 Audio spectrum not populating with iTunes data anymore

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I had a few old QC projects that were music visualizers and they have stopped working. The audio spectrum patches do not populate when I play songs from iTunes with the visualizer turned on, which is how they used to populate. If I hook things up to Audio Input with a microphone, I see it working.

I am running OS 10.9, iTunes I can't tell if its the iTunes version or my OS. I recently upgraded to Xcode 6.1 and QC 4.6 to help solve the problem but no dice.

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Re: QC 4.6 Audio spectrum not populating with iTunes data ...

(Unfortunately I cant find any way to delete the thread I started but I managed to solve my problem.)

After trying various things and wasting a TON of time it came down to the fact that I hadn't chosen the correct visualizer (like Styx, Lathe, Jelly). I guess these are specifically QC visualizations, not exactly sure. The top two visualizers in the visualizer menu do not send data to the app.