QC Mesh renderer in external app does not display

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hello, I am trying to solve an issue that occurs when importing a QC composition using the mesh renderer with mesh creator in external application such as resolume. The composition displays fine in QC but does not display in resolume output window, but strangely, the preview still appears in the media bin. here are a few observations that tends to prove "mesh creator" is the problem: -when importing DAE into mesh renderer, it works fine -if trying to replace mesh creator+mesh renderer with kineme structure renderer, QC crashes as soon as i link the key maker to the input object -using key maker instead of javascript to make the structure does not change anything

I am on osx 10.9.3 and really need a solution for this problem! I enclose my test composition thank you~

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Re: QC Mesh renderer in external app does not display

I'm on 10.8.5 but.....

You need a fourth vertex in order to close your triangle, it then works well with GL triangle structure or GL line structure. It also works well with Kineme3d vertex structure to 3d object. (see both versions attached)

No joy with mesh renderer and it stops all other qtz in Resolume from rendering until the app is restarted. I avoid dae and mesh renderer like the plague.

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Re: QC Mesh renderer in external app does not display

thanks the second composition crashes on open on my computer :( not really surprised, GLtools works though. I don't know why it does not work in Resolume, it works fine in Millumin for example. I reported that issue on the Resolume website, hope they can fix it, maybe some obsolete frameworks.

I am actually trying to adapt VasaRiley patch by toneburst to work with resolume, any workaround ?