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WOW!!!! What a header. I know most will not understand the header, but I will try to explain the best I can.

I want to create a Quartz Composition that I can drop into Resolume 4 or the upcoming GrandVJ 2 and be able to link layers to the patch.


  1. Patch dropped in Resolume or GrandVJ.
  2. Link Layers to Quartz Composition
  3. Run Layers and Patch to video output.

Simple layout. Say I have created a Quartz Composition that has 4 Billboards that if viewed would break the output video into four quadrants. I want to drop that into Resolume and be able to set the layers so that each quadrant plays a different layer.

Can this be done?

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I'm not sure but as far I remember Resolume can't handle image type inputs. Anyway, maybe its better to ask the guys on the Resolume forum.

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It Can be done. I have to look into it, but you have to use Syphon Server patch. I will work on it later today.

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OK. I have been playing around with it and it does work. I first tried with a billboard and then a cube on all sides with ONE clip. All is good.

Here is where I am having issues and maybe someone can help me. Do NOT get me wrong, but I will still be working on it while I wait for a reply. Another thing before I get started, I really do not want to give out the patch because it is for my resume but I can show you a video of the first build using a directory scanner. If you notice, I give credit, where credit is do...PLUR - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.


looking at the video, you will notice at ALL the cubes. At the start, you will notice 4 cubes. I have those 4 cubes in on patch. Now here comes the tricky part. Tricky, because of the TOTAL amount of cubes plus the number of LAYERS used.

I want each cube to play a different layer. So I have four cubes that all sides will be show the video. the top and bottom are blank or black. through my testing I either have to link Syphon Client to each cube and publish the inputs or publish the cube image inputs then put Syphon client outside the graphics patch. I think the second option is the way to go. The problem is make the graphical part clean and easy to to hook up the syphon clients.

20 Cubes, 4 sides playing video, equals 80 published inputs to distribute to 4 syphon patches This can be done but a little time consuming and the graphical patch will be 20 feet long...LMAO!!!

QUESTION: what would be the best way to make this clean and simple. Like if 1 cube is playing one layer, what would be the best way to publish the sides needed through the patch. Or will I have to deal with the 20 foot graphical patch...LOL!!!

The ULTIMATE goal is hopefully to have it so that when I drop it into Resolume, labels for each layer, (layer 1. layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4) will show up and make it easier to label the send and receive boxes.

If I have to, I can do it one or four cubes at a time, just time consuming.

You can not understand the whole picture, until you look at a VERY simple, and I mean VERY simple tutorial. This video does not really explain the patch building part, but shows the Resolume work around. Also it is a filter and is just ONE Clip. I am trying to take it farther than that. I theory it should work.