Quartz Composer in iMovie 10.0?

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Hello all! I've been using Quartz Composer to create custom effects in iMovie for some time now, but I recently updated to 10.0, and I'm completely at a loss. I used to go into Finder, right click iMovie, then go to Package Contents, then the Resources folder, and either directly edit the .qtz files within the folder or directly substitute my own. However, in this new update, I don't see any .qtz files in the Resources folder at all! I can't imagine they've moved, so Apple must have decided to use some program other than Quartz Composer to create their effects. If anyone could either confirm or deny my suspicions, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of any ways to create custom effects in this new version of iMovie, that information would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you all!