Quartz Crystal 2 - :-)

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Just uploaded my first test offline render from the new [record your events] Quartz Crystal [2.0].

Hexagons - Silent Movie - WIP from cybero on Vimeo.

Non audio synced - this shows the bare bones of something that shall be hooked up with some audio for visualizational purposes.

Part and parcel of some experiments with Iterations - see previous posts in a similar vein during this month of May.

Big thing about this is that it is output using Quartz Crystal 2 - a considerable upgrade to the doughty facilities available for offline rendering in Quartz Crystal 1. [from kineme.net]

This composition also makes use of another Quartz Composer goody - v002 Rutt Etra 3.0 [beta] - delicious •~

I am very impressed

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Re: Quartz Crystal 2 - :-)

& here's how well that composition takes being audio fed and resynced.

Hexagons - Audio Synced - WIP from cybero on Vimeo.

A quick run through to a track of my own making, robo-ethereal, of the most recent experimental iteration.

Offline rendered in Quartz Crystal.