QuartzCrystal renders an image but WITHOUT the QC special effects (Lovestruck)

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All, I'm totally new to QComposer and QCrystal. I created a dirt simple Qcomposer project that consists of:

  1. An ImageImporter with a file URL to an image on my hard disk.
  2. The LoveStruck image filter provided by Qcomposer
  3. The Billboard patch to show output.

ImageImporter (image) output is wired to the image input to LoveStruck which is wired to the image input of Billboard.

The LoveStruck patch will animate little red hearts around the image supplied. I then tried dropping my project with these items into Quartz Crystal (paid and registered) to render it to a .mov movie. When I view my movie, all I see is my original image, but WITHOUT the little read hearts circling the image.

Can anyone suggest how to make this work?

I am running Qcomposer v 4.6 (147) running in Mac os x lion 10.7.3 on a 2008 Macbook pro.


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Re: QuartzCrystal renders an image but WITHOUT the QC ...

FaceEffects.plugin (which provides the FFXDetectorPatch which LoveStruck uses) only loads itself in a predefined list of applications. It's a private Apple plugin, and is unsupported.

See this thread for more info: http://kineme.net/forum/DevelopingCompositions/FaceDetectormoduleoutside...