Question about animating an exploded logo using a numeric input

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I have several objects (different elements of a logo), each has known start (Pos-A) and end (Pos-B) x/y values. For the rest of this project I am using our Luminair (Art-Net) interface controller which can use a slider to output either a normalized value (between 0-1) or Regular Value (between 0-255). Basically as I move the slider I would like the different elements to transition respectively from Position A to Position B based on the sliders value.

I originally had this animation working using numerous multiplexers with the position values as sources and then smoothing the output but it didn't give me the control I wanted over the speed of the animation.

Any ideas about how I can do this? Is there a Math Expression that can be used to transition between to known values based on a 3rd value? Help please!

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Re: Question about animating an exploded logo using a ...

Have you looked at the Interpolation Patch? It has a "Duration" input port to control speed of transition. For even more excitement (control) in the explosion (transition) process you could dabble with the Timeline Patch as well, creating a custom transition curve.

In both cases, one possibility is using "time external" setting and feeding the controller slider value as your 3rd value into the "Patch Time" input port. Or use that 3rd value to regulate the speed of time signals coming out of a Patch Time Patch, so time is slowed or sped up for the interpolation or timeline patch.

I wasn't clear whether you want to control the speed of the transition or the actual transition itself with your controller. If it it the former, then I think the Interpolation Patch duration is your ticket. When an interpolation is triggered, it should move at the speed specified by your controller value.

Oh, dear! So many ways to skin a cat, eh?


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Re: Question about animating an exploded logo using a ...

Sorry, to clarify I want the slider to control the state of the transition itself. So if the slider is at 0% the parts of the Logo are in Position A, if the slider is at 100% the Logo parts are in Position B, and if the slider is at 50% the animated parts are half way between their two extremes.

I just tried the Interpolation patch and it doesn't look like it's going to work as it only control the playback speed of an looped animation but not the animation itself.

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Re: Question about animating an exploded logo using a ...

Ahhh!!!! I just realized what you meant by using external timebase for the Interpolation patch, you are right, that is EXACTLY what I want. I didn't know you could do that!!! :) Fantastic! :)