Quicktime Legacy Devices

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First I found out that Blackmagic Ultrastudio 3D is Quicktime "Legacy Device", so it will only be seen by quicktime in 32bit mode.

I went on the search for MacBook compatible HD capture devices. I found the Matrix MXO2 series, and picked up a mini with the Thunderbolt adapter. Turns out, it's only seen in 32bit mode also. Additionally, has far fewer capture resolution/frame rate/bit depth combinations, and most are at low frame rates.

I'd really like to have a solution that will work in 32 bit mode and in 64 bit mode. Does anyone know of a solution, either hardware or software?

Thanks! Adam

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Re: Quicktime Legacy Devices

There are none. Really. Until Apple lets 3rd party developers work with AVFoundation and they write complete plugins and driver solutions for it, it won't happen. Then, QC will need to be updated to work with AVFoundation ingest, etc.