Radial Particle System for Sun Rays?

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I'd like to use the particle system patch to have a glowing sphere emit rays radially, but it doesn't seem possible.

I've searched on this forum and in Google for something similar but the closest I can find are Image filters that produce ray effects.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Or maybe I'm searching for the wrong terms?

thanks Bruno Degazio Sheridan College School of Animation

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Re: Radial Particle System for Sun Rays?

I attached a Star-like composition, I think it's what you're looking for. It uses OpenCL so you'll need OSX 10.6.x and an OpenCL Compatible graphic card.

I will explain it in detail soon in my blog (http://holescapes.wordpress.com/category/visual/) but all in all this is how it works:

100000 x (A particle is made on the surface in a random place, moves out, dies and restarts from it's initial point)

2.qtz29.62 KB

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Re: Radial Particle System for Sun Rays?

Thanks idlefon - that's really stunning. I'm knocked out by the level of talent in the QC community.

At first glance it's not really what I had in mind regarding the radial particles but I might be able to tweak or adapt it. thanks again


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Re: Radial Particle System for Sun Rays?

Nice blog, idlefon, some very informative posts.

BTW, very, very soon, OpenCL kernels will not be allowed with "main" as kernel names. Easy work around - just name them something else , like bobby or something more semantically useful.

I think some further future proofing in regards of the radius declaration in the grid kernel will also be required.

__kernel void grid(__global float4 *Vertices, float radius)

thus so :-)

So with no kernels named main and no kernel declaration wherein one is qualifying an input parameter with an address space we are future proofed.

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Re: Radial Particle System for Sun Rays?

I guess if you increase the particle count (in "Burning Planet" macro) and decrease the "variability" factor in settings menu of "random" patch, you'll get what you're after.

BTW if you want the sun to emit light (on surfaces for instance) you'll need Lighting as well. I think "Spherical" or "Point" lighting will do it (look at Toneburst's lighting macro at http://machinesdontcare.wordpress.com/)

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Re: Radial Particle System for Sun Rays?

Cheers Cybero for your nice comments :)

I'll remember what you said about "future proofing" my OpenCL codes, thanks!