Reverse phase of a frequency tone

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Hi guys, i've been playing around with serato scratch live a digital vinyl controller today, real fun stuff.

Serato scratch live listens out for a 1kHz frequency tone to control the position of a mp3. A good example of this is on this video 20 secs in

I was hoping to control the frequency tone within QC and output it into the Serato hardware to control a mp3 in serato. The idea to do some kinect visual scratching!

Originally i just made a frequency tone saved to wav, loaded into a asynchronous movieloader and adjusted the rate, no problem. However to play backward i need to reverse the phase, again easy enough to create a wav.

I'm just thinking that this would be allot better if if i could do this dynamically in QC. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I know franz did a tone generator a while again, could any one modify this allow for phase and pitch adjustments?

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Re: Reverse phase of a frequency tone

3D soundpatch seems to be a good work around here. For future reference for anyone using Serato i've attached a composition

Configurable control tone (1 kHz - as used by Scratch LiveTM, 1.2 kHz - as used by TorqTM, 1.3 kHz - as used by MixVibesTM, or 2 kHz as used by Traktor ScratchTM)


Serato tone control.zip604.1 KB

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Re: Reverse phase of a frequency tone

So does using the pitch on the 3d sound player work in sera to ? I keep forgetting about the 3d sound player. might be possible to add a bit of inertia to the pitch. You want the pitch to ramp back up to the original tone frequency once you stop messing with the pitch. To emulate the turntable. I think the 3d sound player isnt really going to be great for this. There really isn't a stop. I suppose you could do some sort of slow to stop and use volume to stop the tone because you would have to set the conrol sample tone to loop. It's weird the 3d sou d player doesn't turn off until the end of the sound file.

Another thing is that I'm pretty sure the 3d sound player needs a mono sound. To make this work with sera to or tractor you would need to be able to bus the sound around which I do not think possible with the 3d sound player. I mean you could make some sort of sound flower aggregate and use max or something to make a switc over. Kind of like push button a to control record a. What you really need is to be able to make two independent tones. That can route out to different channels. the best bet is modify a tone generator that way you can control the output channels.