Rss Feed or Refreshing html visualization?

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Hi I am trying to get a Noaa weather realtime feed either from an rss or html that refreshes every 20 seconds and make a visualization with it.

My question is how possible is it to get data like Numbers from rss feed or refreshing website(html) and translate those numbers into Numbers that move around the Quartz composer screen like fishes or with other attributes.

in other words - translate rss or html numbers into numbers in quartz composer that I can give attributes like gravity, movement etc.

Any help would be appreciated...

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Re: Rss Feed or Refreshing html visualization?

Do their RSS feeds refresh so often as to make really dynamic visualizations possible?

In fact do their RSS feeds actually contain much information that would be parsable and capable of being thus represented?

To make an RSS renderer is easy, just create a an RSS from Template and then give it an address such as and see the RSS get turned into text. You can parse the RSS Structure to get the information available.

Any RSS or HTML numeric content can then be used as inputs to object and effect values for position and so on.