Sampler patch redisgn?

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Hello. I'm having difficulty with redesigning a patch.

This is my problem:

My composition consists of a custom-made patch called Sampler (which allows a video input source to be recorded, sampled and looped) and a sprite.

Attached is a picture of the custom-made patch (made by tom butterworth) & my composition.

In my composition, the video input is recorded when the inputRecord box is ticked. When you untick it again it stops playing realtime and the video input loops for however long the box was ticked for.

The 'inputlimit' slider sets a limit, in seconds, for the loop you just recorded (if you recorded a loop for longer than the inputlimit slider's value the end will be cut off)

Is there a way to rebuild the composition so the video is always being recorded until you hit the 'record' button and it'll loop for the value of the 'inputLimit' slider?

I have tried but haven't got it to work succesfully. Any help would very appreciated.

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 4.38.49 PM.png
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Re: Sampler patch redisgn?

try using two samplers one set to record the other set to playback and vise versa. maybe I'm not understanding.... when hit record you want the recording to stop and play back ? with two samplers you would do something like this. try using a logic patch to turn off one recorder while it turns on the other ? there are other solutions to making a sampler in qc. the sampler plugin your referring to is pretty fast but limited if i remember correctly to the time limit. try using two samplers and a signal patch maybe set to trigger recording every x seconds. replace the x with your recording time limit.

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Re: Sampler patch redisgn?

Hey dust, thankyou for your advice. What i'm trying to do is have the patch automatically record without pushing the 'record' button, and then when it's pushed it loops the value assigned on my Limit slider.

Would duplicating multiple Sampler patches in the composition cause more strain on the GPU (or cause latency)? Probably not for one composition, right? But i'm planning to run 4 or 5 of these compositions at once in a VJ app.

Probably for this kind of setup it's probably better to find my own solution manually without the use of the patch but i've heard that the one i'm using is very fast like you said.

Regarding creating a Sampler composition without the patch, could you point towards the patches that i would need to use to try and get it set up please?