Sending values over the internet using screen capture/image recognition

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I was thinking about a way to send OSC values from the Kinect to places farther away than the local area or bluetooth range.

Instead of use a data base or other established routes, I was wondering if this would work:

One user has a screen that visually displays the values, then that user contacts another via internet video chat and enables screen share. A Second user would receive the image of these values, select the area with say 002's screen capture and then analyze the images in a way that would port them into Quartz?

So, is there any image/symbol recognition available in Quartz that would facilitate this?

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Re: Sending values over the internet using screen ...

OSC is able to travel over the internet. You'll have to figure out the available ports of your router/isp, real ip address etc. Else midi over network might be a solution as well.

Using images/symbol tracking probably will be very slow, but would make a nice art installation ;)

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Re: Sending values over the internet using screen ...

Well I have tried OSC over say our house's local internet, or my School's, but what about over the distance of many miles - can OSC travel through all the way through?

And as a test, it did work, just nicely in fact ;)