Simple animated scrolling bars/stripes

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I'm trying to get content together for a black and white themed show. I'd like to have adjustable horizontal white bars scrolling from top to bottom and thought this would be easy, I'm sure it must be for many of you. I'm going for equally spaced bars that can be modified for thickness and iterations-- when increasing the iterations, the height of the bar would decrease as would the distance between bars.

In the attached "lineattemptfromarrows" (butchered from, I got it to look sort of how I'd like, but it's pretty poorly done and the speed control doesn't really work. It's smooth only when the speed is locked at .2.

I'm sure there is a much cleaner and successful way to do this. I tried working with replicate in space and a bunch of other things. Anyway, if anyone feels like trying this out and sharing that would be great. I'm also hoping I can add a rotation control so that the lines can be diagonal.


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Re: Simple animated scrolling bars/stripes

to get your thickness to change with iteration count you would want to do an expression like this inside the iterator attached to the sprites height.


this is how you can do basically the same with the replicate in space patch. the speed seems to work smoother when adjusting the period of an lfo. the only difference is that you see only half the amount of copies specified on the screen at any given time. so if the copies is set 5 then you will see 2.5 lines on the screen.

you can play with rotation settings inside the replicator or you can mess with the replicators final rotations to get some different results.

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Re: Simple animated scrolling bars/stripes

Thanks Dust. This is really helpful. I'm finding that to create the effect I want I'm having to render in Quartz Crystal and then manipulate in after effects. The rotation in QC nor the changing the copies is smooth enough for live play. Thanks again, anymore black and white simple geometric animations out there?

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Re: Simple animated scrolling bars/stripes

I'm not sure about the spacing issue you mention, but this is one way to setup a scrolling stripe texture.

If it starts cratering, you can try downsizing the texture even more... it probably doesn't even need to be 250x250 to look good.

At some point there won't be enough resolution for the stripe width you're shooting for and stripes will look blurry, depending on how large you size the sprite, but you can increase the resolution of the cropping just above whatever point that is.

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Re: Simple animated scrolling bars/stripes

What about this solution using the build in CIStripesGenerator?

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