Spanning two outputs/monitors

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Hi all,

Ive been digging around and trying to figure out ways to span 2 monitors from a single machine. does the collective wisdom here on this forum still believe this methodology (by idlefon) to be true?

basically stating that the best is to make a huge comp, and use spooky send receive to different patchers, and then crop for output.

what about doing the same with syphon and Jitter? has anyone done that one? I suppose it would work as well...

visualizer was broke last time i checked in lion, but if someone else has tips or clues it would be great. AFAIK, quartz builder wont span, but maybe I missed that?

muchos gracias m

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Re: Spanning two outputs/monitors

another way of doing this is with the help of some hardware. with a matrox dualhead2go connected, two displays look like one large screen to your mac. lets say you connect the dualhead to two 1280x1024 screens, you mac monitor resolution can be set to 2560x1024. you composition in full screen mode would span across both monitors (if set to the correct aspect ratio 8:3). v.

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Re: Spanning two outputs/monitors

Make an app with multiple windows on the same time schedule. I actually did this for three windows a few weeks ago... it was not that hard. When you setup the window views, you can control where they open onscreen. You could also just drag the window big so that it opens up and displays on two monitors.

Vade had a good example that draws two windows. I can't remember what it was called/where the download is, but someone here may.

But some points:

  • Where the heck does it say to use spooky? I don't think that's a good idea.

  • Cwright is actually correct. "Fullscreen" means "fullscreen". One window can't go "fullscreen" on two machines. You can have two windows, that are running qtz's on a common time, draw each window fullscreen. You can stretch a big window out, but I don't think it will go fullscreen. (enter matrox or some other thing).

Syphon and Jitter have next to nothing to do with solving your problem. I guess you can shuttle around image data well with syphon, but it really doesn't benefit what you're trying to achieve in any way (same with spooky).

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Re: Spanning two outputs/monitors

get a matrox box, you won't regret it.

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Re: Spanning two outputs/monitors

hi gt, the spooky thing came from the link i attached above:

"I think there is another way:

As I recently discovered Kineme spooky patch can transfer Images as well. So let's say you have Compostion1 which you'd like to split as you want on 3 screens. Make 3 new compositions(compostion2,3,4). Crop your final rendered image as you like and send them to these new compositions (It's doable, I've tested it). Fullscreen each of the newly-made comps in a different window.

I guess you'll achieve what you're after this way."

jitter and syphon would do, since I have much greater control of the output using 'size' and 'pos' to the jit.window, but i suspect I'd loose some framerates with that...and Id prefer to keep it all in QC.

when you say make an app, you're referring to actually get my hands dirty using xcode, huh? hmmm, it might be out of my league going that far...

if someone has any hints re: vade's example location it'd be great. maybe I can hack something together from that.

and yes, thanks for the matrox suggestion, I might just have to go that route...but if there is a way to save buying yet another hardware box, id prefer that direction.

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Re: Spanning two outputs/monitors

You can use Quartz visualizer, very easy to use. You can find it in : /Developer/applications/Graphic Tools