State Saving through Quartz Builder

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I have been working on a composition that would benefit greatly from state saving. Upon checking out the state saving in the data tools I was excited to say the least but upon building the app using quartz builder the state save no longer functions.

To make certain I just wasn't doing something right, I tried to build the example composition "SimpleDraw.qtz" that comes with the data tools and still no go.

Anyone have any idea for a workaround or wanna chime in as to what I am doing wrong?

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Re: State Saving through Quartz Builder

The upcoming version of QuartzBuilder will let you save published input parameter values, though not state. Would that solve your problem? If not, can you describe what kind of state you need to save?

If you're on a tight deadline, e-mail us ( and we'll see what we can do.

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Re: State Saving through Quartz Builder

Actually, saving published input parameters would be a blessing and would indeed solve a few issues. When I was mentioning state saving I was referring to specifically the sample and hold patches being able to store the last sampled value upon closing and reopening the app. The way I'm working around this for the time being is by using the text to/from file patches to store the values relative to the comp. What I'm using this for comes down to onscreen controllers and being able to use something akin to an apple remote to change program settings and then have those settings stored within the comp. The Sample and hold from data tools does this currently and was wonderful until I found it not working on compiled apps.

Thank you for the reply and I cant wait to see the new quartz builder.