Synapse OSCeleton particle handoff kinect

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I simply took one of the compositions that came with the Synapse OSCeleton downloads, put in vade's particle warfare and added that to the gestures that casey and jamey made...

When you touch your hands together, the active particle hand changes so it appears as if you can move the particle from one hand to the other. I'm sure there is a better way to do this than my clunky math, and really the ideal would be if the particle system behaved sort of like a separate object that could be tossed around... but I digress.

What I was trying to do and got stuck is: make the inactive hand control the colors of the particles. I wanted to have it change color as the off hand moves up and down the torso. For example off-hand at stomache would make particles yellow, off-hand at neck=blue, etc. But I couldn't figure out the first step of identifying the off hand.

Any help is appreciated, regardless, hope some of you can enjoy this as is...

Obviously this requires the kinect and synapse. Here's the one that Sebastian wrapped up with OSCeleton and Tryplex which has it all:

08_01saccelerationvaluesHANDOFFmath.qtz933.2 KB

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Re: Synapse OSCeleton particle handoff kinect

Here's a link to video of the composition.