TouchOSC + Keyboard

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I have a question, and any inputs are available! :)

I am using Touch OSC, and I would like to mimic the effect of a keyboard button: Press and it enables a sprite, disable when you release it.

I have been trying with with a counter for a time signal structure like here:,

However, It reset the signal before I release the button.

Is there a Kineme patch that could help do this?

Thank you so much in advance!


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Re: TouchOSC + Keyboard

the counter and time signal thing is not what i think you want. just load up touch osc standard template called keys. the first key is in the name space "/1/push1" you would use that name space for your osc receiver and set its type to boolean. a boolean is 0 or 1 on off etc... when you hold down the first key it is on or 1 when you let go it is 0 or off. it is possible to use things like pulse to only trigger the on the frames leading edge or to use toggle to trigger and stay on until you hit the key again. also sample and hold can give similar results to toggle. here is touch osc example.

touch_osc_key copy.qtz33.46 KB
key_board_bool.qtz33.33 KB
key_toggle_bool.qtz36.12 KB