Touch OSC glitches

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Some of us apparently see glitches in the Touch OSC values flow inside QC.

Here's a workaround, a filter that replicates the last but one value whenever a zero shows up.

This post is not directly kineme related, but I can't seem to upload a qtz or a .zip on hexler's forum.

Thanks kineme!


QC_TouchOSC_Console_Sanetize.qtz46.42 KB
QC_TouchOSC_Glitches.png91.2 KB

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Re: Note

I'm just using a sample and hold if greater than 0. But your way works too. I noticed robs (hexlers) oscplugin had some discard excess message going on too.

I'm hoping for jean-pierre to finish off his slim down version of my OSC plugin (

Check out his progress at

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Re: Note

Aw… right! You got it right. I was thinking about "maintaining" while you thought about "discarding". Probably has to tell! Nice shot.

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Re: Touch OSC glitches

SFAIK posting unique and even, as in this case, useful compositions that contain no use of Kineme code & / or software is no transgression of the Forum guidelines. :-)

A very useful composition indeed.