Understanding _1024_metaballs Audio Reactive

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Hey guys, so i got this metaballs plugin from https://1024d.wordpress.com/qc-plugins/ and from the example files there was one composition that had the metaballs being reactive to sound. It worked very nice and i wanted to recreate it but opening the composition didnt seem to open every patch inside the composition as it only showed 3 patches.


and i tried something out using some common sense, but all i can get is the balls growing by using the simple audio input as it gives out values and the metaballs patch needs values in all variables in order to work. So im trying to recreate the same effect to understand independent move in the balls and its reactivenes with sound. Thanks :)

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Re: Understanding _1024_metaballs Audio Reactive

@peack, as you are fairly new here, I don't feel too bad, suggesting that you might double click on the Lighting patch to open up the subpatch. Repeat and rinse with the Trackball and the Kineme GL Polygon Mode. But, maybe you have a different problem?

Anyway, deep down inside, franz got lots of different inputs from one audio source by applying some Random patches to give every input port different values. If you want more variables that are dependent on the audio spectrum input, you could start by using the Structure Index Member patch to deconstruct the Audio Input patch output port "Spectrum". That gives you amplitude for 16 frequency bands.

Beyond that, you can explore the Kineme audio patches which provides some different outputs from a source.