Using Paul Bourke' s puffersphere composition (PB Mesh) as P effect for vdmx

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Hello everybody,

This my first post in this forum and i don't have so much experience using Quartz composer.

First off all, i'd like say thank you very much to Kineme for all the good work they are doing.

The thing is that i am trying to do mirror dome projection using vdmx and i would like to know if it is possible to convert Paul Bourke' s puffersphere composition ( as an effect or plugin for vdmx.

I think my problem is how to render the PB mesh patch to make it visible in vdmx I have tried to put the pb mesh patch into a "render in image" macro patch and send the image output to a bilboard and it works in Quartz Composer but not in vdmx.

Does any one kows what my problem is?

attached are the original Paul Bourke' s puffersphere.qtz composition and the one i have tried to convert as an effect for vdmx.

Thanks in advance.

puffersphere.qtz376.39 KB
puffersphere-vdmx.qtz5.61 KB

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Re: Using Paul Bourke' s puffersphere composition (PB Mesh) ...

I'm not sure what the problem is, but you might see if you can just use a sphere and accomplish the same thing, and/or if that works. If you need to change the aspect ratio, you can probably place the sphere in a 3D transform and change scale. I don't know if it will be the same or not though, I haven't used pbmesh in a really long time.

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Re: Using Paul Bourke' s puffersphere composition (PB Mesh) ...

The problem with what you are doing may be that PB's composition is looking for the warp file in a place that your vdmx patch cannot get to it. PBMesh has a Mesh File input port that I believe just looks for the file in the composition's own directory. This may be violated in the vdmx context? I know I have run that patch successfully in the Coge application, so I am certain you can make it work.

(You did not include "standard" in your post, so I'm not sure where it exists, or if it is a valid warp file.)

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Re: Using Paul Bourke' s puffersphere composition (PB Mesh) ...

It is a valid warp file - standard I think you are right about the file path problem that was dogging the original postee - it works AOK in VDMX 5 - see little screen grab and I think you might be right about the file path .

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