V002 movie player & 5.1 surround sound

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Hi, has anyone tried playing files with embedded 5.1 surround sound audio, or indeed any format of surround sound sound audio through the v002 movie player plugin? If so could you give details on how it performed?

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Re: V002 movie player & 5.1 surround sound

Hi any luck with this? I'm trying to do the same thing, is it possible to pass aac surround sound from the QuickTime using the v002 player?

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Re: V002 movie player & 5.1 surround sound

I dont have a surround system, but this was implemented for a client and works. To use the Volumes and Balances inputs, you need to have multiple audio tracks (literal tracks in Quicktime Pro). Those are then routed and can be individually handled.

I believe a single 5.1 audio track in a movie should play out of a surround sound output fine though, but the controls for individual track balance and volume (Volumes and Balances inputs) wont work, the mono-track version would have to suffice.

Try it?

Edit: Also, this is not stricty speaking Kineme software. We do have a forum for v002 and Syphon set up at http://forums.v002.info FYI.