XCode 5 - QC View can't be used anymore

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I created an OSX app with a GUI written using XCode 4 wrapped around a QC composition. After some effort I got that working, passing data from XCode into the composition.

I recently upgraded to XCode to version 5 I found a couple of issues.

First my old app crashed XCode every time. The solution seemed to be to turn off Source Control (Xcode -> Preferences -> Source Control Tab -> Deselect 'Enable Source Control'

Next was that QCView object causes XCode to crash. The solution is apparently to use a Custom View and set its Custom Class to QCView then programmatically load the composition etc.

Kineme currently has 2 useful threads http://kineme.net/forum/DevelopingCompositions/MavericksDeprecation and expanding on this by asking about programming full screen: http://kineme.net/forum/DevelopingCompositions/SimpleFullscreenQCApperro... These include how to listen to data from the compostion.

Stackoverflow has: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21560816/quartz-composer-view-in-xcode-5 which just points to Apple's XCode 5 release notes which say: Xib files containing an instance of QCView from Quartz Composer fail to build, and cannot be processed by ibtool. Replace the instance of QCView on the canvas with an instance of custom view from the library and set its custom class to “QCView” in the identity inspector. 14991302

What isn't covered anywhere I can find is how to set this up to send data to the QC composition. With XCode 4 and a QCView object this worked: [qcView setValue:acceptedContentArray forInputKey:@"contentArray"]; Not sure if this has stopped working or there's some other reason I'm not seeing my QC composition.

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Re: XCode 5 - QC View can't be used anymore

I've got my code working again, replacing xib/interface builder's QCView and QCParameterView with code. I've put the interesting code in a blog post at http://workingmatt.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/xcode-5-quartz-composer-bug-fi...

The rest of the code that sets and gets parameters worked as before.

Hope it helps someone out there.

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Re: XCode 5 - QC View can't be used anymore

I'm trying to build a simple composition in Xcode 6.1 and have a couple of parameters published to the application. I found this helpful & updated example/tutorial...


...and am able to get it to run after disabling the 'QCContainerTest' target in the scheme editor as someone suggested in the Vimeo comments. Alas, I'm a total Xcode noob and don't know how to publish parameters so that they can be changed in the app. I'd also like to have the app be able to go fullscreen as it's meant to be projected. Any info/tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Oh and I've attached the simple composition. It's just a text scroller using standard patches.

GreaserText.qtz66.37 KB