jelly fish dancing

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so i tried opening a garage band for iPad file on my mac today and came up with some interesting results. so i decided to make a few reactive screen grabs. next step is to process farther by opening the mac garage band file in logic but its ok for a couple screen grabs. defiantly want render it out in crystal as well.

the file is floating around here some where. search underwater or bentUrchin.....

so seeing i was having so much fun with apple stuff i decided hack up the lion smoke dancer patch with a low fi shadow dancer look.

eventually i want to make the bad tv interlacing lines be a spectrum eq and also render the fluid sim with occlusion. kind of a lot for my computer handle realtime all that..

here is the raw 8bar loop i made with garage band on the iPad. its kind of interesting to hear the raw music before it was mashed. I'm not using any of the auto play features just the gb instruments.

raw.m4a.zip231.27 KB