kinect synapse quartz osculator live

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some gladly pointed the synapse app in a thread here so I'm returning the favor with a synapse patch...

i couldn't get the cool synapse max 4 live mappers to work i think my ableton is a bit outdated so i used synapse for quartz composer and osculator to send data to live. right now its just a left and right hand kaosilator type of patch. the backing track made on the iPad.

this is just a short video test. maybe someone can make sense of this patch its a bit messy that is why this is in developing comps and no the repo.....

basically its a qc patch sending out hits to osculator for x and y of left and right hand. I'm sending y data for midi cc control. also i am using z depth to trigger the notes.

I'm thinking about doing something like this for xyz for both hands that should give me 6 instruments i can control with two hands. right now its just bass and lead..

the track i made on my iPad with garage band ? freakin sweet I'm telling you. the smart instruments let you fly. literally the backing track was made in 5 mins.

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Re: kinect synapse quartz osculator live

Yes dustin i love it :) the audio is just fantastic, a real cinematic dub sound! Good to see you playing around with this. Infuse some of your QC visual work with it though (although i'm sure its your next step).

Don't know if you noticed but i'm not using synapse as its a little bit more CPU intensive and single user only. I find Osceleton more usefully and flexible and doesn't require Max4live. I'm using my Ableton live pyphon hack to send out OSC messages but MIDI sends are just as useful.

The tryplex project is such a great start for this work, although synapse is visually usefully its so key to show what your actually controlling for example an AR interface works well. I prefer a nice minimal designed HUD using chart, graphs and hit boxes to illustrate this.

Gestures are the way forward and it would be great if you could add as many as possible to the tryplex repository. I'm building a tasty amount myself ready to share with the project. (all hail our dutch QC's for starting tryplex)

I knocked out a crossfader concept for my Serato kinect project earlier, asides from showing off technology for technology sake i really feel this project could work as a replacement or accompaniment to traditional music performance methods. As i think you would agree with your DJing background, infusing so many creative aspects that we love, dance, music, interactivity and art is just so damn cool!

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Re: kinect synapse quartz osculator live

Really inspiring stuff from both of you guys, me and Swiftlikeninja are going to have a little joint hacking session this weekend :)

It's going to be nice to be able to do something of a creative bent that we can share back to the community, I look forward to posting our results.

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Re: kinect synapse quartz osculator live

Yes I did notice that synapse takes a lot of CPU up. Actually was pretty difficult to just make this recorded screen shot and o havent even added graphics yet. I would say the synapse would have to be a two machine type of set up.

I have a skeleton patch that I have been working on with amir for unity that works really well I was thinking about turning into a midi controller. I like the idea of having everything bundled into one app but at what CPU expense. I'm kind of torn between an augmented type of of controller like yours or a simple 3d avatar type. The augmented style gives you more flexibility with the addition of multiple layers of hit boxes and widgets etc... Now I suppose once you get good with an augmented system you really would not have to always look at your screen which is the benefit to using g just the tracking positions to make music with. Where as once you figure out spacially where your notes are you can can perform without having to look at your self. I suppose ideally a system of both or having freestyle interactive sort of dance mode and the augmented mode with a gesture to switch between probably would be best.

I have a finger tracker augmented patch Im working on and the next step is to add skeleton tracking so I'm thinking of combining ideas at some point. If there was only more time in my day. Sigh...

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Re: kinect synapse quartz osculator live


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Re: kinect synapse quartz osculator live

thanx for the source, but somewhow it doesn't work for me. first i open synapse, then .qtz, then .qtz. or not? thanx in advance for just a line or two of directions more m_al