kineme 3D Object Collider issue.

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Hello everybody. Firs of all excuse me for my bad english. I'm from spain. I'm working on a project for an interactive installation and I'm doing all the visual content in QC.

The concept is quite simple, I have a square perimeter full of particles and there has to be a moving cube inside that interacts with the particles.

By now I have done this using the kineme 3d collider but I get some strange behaviors from the particles. The particles tend to collide with the cube a lot far from it and I really don't understand why this happens.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: kineme 3D Object Collider issue.

Hi Snail Devicer.

I had similar problems some years ago. Remember that it became a bit more accurate when I modeled up a new repelling object in Sketchup, but I donĀ“t know why. You might have a look in the comp:

I am picking up on something similar these days. maybe you could post you comp?

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Re: kineme 3D Object Collider issue.

It always seemed to me that the more "bounce" parameter, that the particles seem to repel before they hit the object. I've always transformed the 3d renderer by hand to adjust.

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Re: kineme 3D Object Collider issue.

Great, thanks for your coments. I've tried with some different object formats with no luck. The behavior looks the same. I'm also noticing that the collider it's not 100% impermeable and sometimes the particles pass trough it.

Here is my composition for if someone want to take a look.