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Hi, researching of what is possible and useful for following situation...

I want to send values from a mobile webpage (iPhone / HTML5), which is hosted on a local server to Quartz Composer to control some visual content. On Snow Leopard i had build a functional prototype with mireks web socket Plugin, but now i am on osx 10.8.2 (< that in case of logicboard crash and actually hard disc crash). I tried to compile it on 10.7.5, but i had no luck.

Have read about the network tools (websockets), but i am not sure if it works on 10.8

So, i asking for some input, ideas, solutions and pointers for the communication between a Webpage (mobile Safari) and Quartz Composer. Topics: kaazing, Websocket, UDP/TCP, PHP socket, node.js, PHP-OSC, Javascript

There is no need of a high end solutions (max. 5-10 connections) and the focus is on listening / receive messages in Quartz Composer.

Would be thankful for any information that points me to the right direction.

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Re: mobile webpage to Quartz Composer

I've had success using Mirek's websocket patch in 10.7.4 (i'l try 10.7.5 when I find the files) and a webpage hosted on my MBP, haven't tried hosting webpage on a server yet.

I'm looking to do a similar thing soon but not involving QC at all (well maybe once I get the basic mechanism going). What I want to do is have one web page the has a integer counter that a single user can change the integer with up and down buttons. This webpage will output (somehow) an integer, 1 to 100 or [1,100].

Another (separate) webpage that is viewed by potentially more than one user/agent will show said integer or use it as a control index for a Javascript function.

I'm not sure what the easiest way to do this would be. I have access to a server I can host a php/ruby/perl script on but I wouldn't know how to go about doing it I've only written client side scripts so far. I need some help to point me off in the right direction, I don't imagine it can be that hard. Using Kineme Network Tools and Mireks websocket there is potentially firewall/port forwarding issues that could come into play if the master user is behind a firewall like in a University netwrok for example.