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hi all,

Attached is a fairly simple patch, basically allot of repeated elements. Eventually Ill have individual control of each triangle's rotation and color, which I will likely do with max / osc connections. Also this will be displayed on 3x HD LCDs (1920x1080)

What I am curious about is if someone can benchmark this for me on their machine. I am currently running and iMac 2.8 i7 / 8GB ram / OS 10.7.1

right now I get 15fps or thereabouts.

So I am wondering, if a: there is anything I can do to speed this up, and b: what any of you get with their machines.

Ill be supplied with a new mac pro, and a 5870 radeon card and a 5770. Am i better off splitting the project between the two GPUs? or is it better to use all three outputs of the 5870? or should I get another card?

any advice would be great to hear from the gurus here! matthew

QC_TEST2.qtz3.98 MB

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Re: optimization assistance

Having spent the time to flag the RII's disable depth buffer option [on each and every one of those RIIs :-), BTW] I found I had to re-read your post regarding individual controls on each of the Billboard's triangles to justify to myself why you had so many RIIs and Billboards to output to.

17 fps result at your default size and on an iMac | 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo | 4GB | nvidia 9400 GPU | 10.7.2.

I imagine it would be a lot of fun to run through the various composite operations.

That aside I'm still wondering how it might be improved upon so that each Billboard, or the area it currently renders to, could make available its contents for the sort of control you require upon the rendered objects within that rendering space. Perhaps doing the internal RIIs to exact size as will be depicted, no bigger or smaller [250px w and h, if I'm not mistaken], means less resizing on the fly as is currently happening.

No doubt some other stuff will occur to me, like, why didn't I think of that earlier.

Regards your questions about fitness for purpose of the machinery you say you will have available, it should run far faster on those sort of machines than either yours or mine. As to the best way to exploit the GPU resources, I'll leave that to some other kindly soul to contribute their knowledge of that set of choices.

One thing is definitely the case. If you were able to create workable objects from only one or at most two RIIs, you'd get a real performance boost. A regular 60 fps :-). & that is with all your Billboards.

I think that initial loading of your main Triangle image would also greatly improve if you didn't embed so many separate copies of the image, but instead shared one copy through to all of the RIIs you need to be using that image.

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Re: optimization assistance

hey great tip - never knew that was in the RII. Now i have RSI after setting those flags, too bad there isnt a 'paste-replace' function a la MAX/MSP...but seemed to speed thing sup considerably. Ill report back after giving a go with the macpro.

cheers m

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Re: optimization assistance

I'll be off to sup considerably soon too :-) •~