problems with kineme video player

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hi ! yesterday i bought a kineme video tool license ,because i had read in the info that work more faster than movie importer loading videos and fix the "block composition while the video is loading, im triying to supply the movie importer but no sending signal.. that is the correct way to load videos from a folder with kineme video player?? i add a example which explain it with 3 macro patch( dont forget to enable it in the inspector ) :

  • 1º simple video loader. work fine

-2º simple kineme videoplayer . work too

-3º combination betwen 1º and 2º work


problem with kineme video player.qtz9.21 KB

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Re: problems with kineme video player

Hi, @shaker08.

The built-in Movie Importer takes a file URL (with file:// in front), whereas the Kineme Video Player takes a file path. So just make your composition use a path. See attached.

video path.qtz4.85 KB

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Re: problems with kineme video player

yeaahh now work great !!! that solved the problem, and i add a new idex menber structure and movie importer to load the original time duration from each video . i will test it tomorrow but i think is great THANKS !!!