question about kineme3D

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Hi!everyone,I downloed some 3Dmodels form Internet.But they are .max file. so I use 3Ds Max load file and export the .fbx file for kineme3D,When i use “3D object load" i get a big sphere cover the model. Anyone can tell me how to move off the big sphere

I very new on quartz composer,and never use 3ds max before i try to export another kind 3dmodel file that kineme3d Supported but seem only in .fbx i can see the 3Dmodel i want Sorry about my bad english hope you can understand.

 2011-10-20 上午10.32.57.png
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 2011-10-20 上午10.33.33.png
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Re: question about kineme3D

We've found that sometimes the transformation tree (scale/rotate/translate) for .fbx files isn't working reliably --- it's possible that the sphere you're seeing is meant to be much smaller, but the transforms are either being encoded or interpreted improperly.

First, open the original mesh in 3dsmax again, and try exporting as both .3ds (the old 3D Studio DOS format) and .obj (Wavefront) formats, then try loading each of those with Kineme3D. We've generally found .3ds and .obj to work more reliably than .fbx.

If that doesn't work, please attach to a forum post (or email us --- the original .max file and the various you exported, and we'll take a look at it.

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Re: question about kineme3D

Thanks for you help,I follow this but still not working,I upload the models so you can check it for me.

Anohter question .follow your suggestion I download original .3ds models and use 3d Object loader "output object", it just appear one part of the model in 3D Object Renderer,use "output objects" it many parts appear but all in random. i upload original.3ds models to you,hope you can show me how to use those models in right way

Thank again!

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Re: question about kineme3D

hello, or try to Reset Xform for bigger part of mesh - I guess it is eye (right panel in last tab Utilities) and than convert it to mesh (right click in viewport->convert to:editable mesh , and than try export full object in same way like you did before

link for xform help:

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Re: question about kineme3D

Yes,that is the eyes,delete it I can see the modul! thank for your help.