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is there any way to constantly reload file in 3d object loader? The only way for me so far, is to drag the object loader patch and move it a bit. Then the .obj file reloads.

I want to change the .obj file using outside application and want quartz composer to load repeatedly. Preferably in set tempo.

I've tried to use signal to switch off/on enable for the renderer, but that doesn't work.

Also when I change the path to file to wrong one and back to good one, file reloads to newer version. So maybe I could somehow 'pulse' between two paths, but don't know how to do it.

Can anyone help please?

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Re: reloading 3d files

You can reload a 3D file of any type supported by Kineme3D by simply using a multiplexer and interpolating through its numbered inputs [set as strings]. Example given employs models provided as Kineme3D exemplars, hence licence notice included.

The same simple trick can be used to interpolate through the inputs for .dae files to Apple Mesh Renderer too.

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Re: reloading 3d files

Thank you, that looks great, I'll give it a try.

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Re: reloading file

By the way, this would be a reasonable feature request (to live-reload data when the backing file has been modified). Shouldn't be too difficult to get working (modulo network-mounted volumes that don't have FS notifications).