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Hi all,

I need a little guidance. I'm currently working with a FLIR thermal camera. Right now I have it set its streaming an h.264 video via rtsp (the only method available for streaming). I'm trying to bypass quicktime here since it adds 2+ seconds of latency to the image (not great for an interactive, real-time installation!). I've have good luck with ffmpeg, both within Max/Jitter and VNC (at least a few versions ago). I was curious about developing in Quartz and streaming the video content via Syphon back to Max for further processing and got very excited about the VideoTools network camera option. Purchased a license and now I'm stuck...i.e. I can't get an image into Quartz (the url's provided in the VideoTools-NetworkCameraInput.qtz example work, so I know the plug-in is working.

Before I dig deeper I wanted to ask: is it even possible to get an rtsp stream into Quartz via the Network Camera Input object in the VideoTools library? Is there another method I could look at (again, bypassing quicktime)?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

All the best, David

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Re: rtsp & videoTools plugin

@thedavid: Currently Kineme VideoTools's Network Camera Input patch only supports MJPEG streams over HTTP. (It doesn't support RTSP.)