storing interaction data

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How is it possible to store variables with QC?

I'd like to be able to save cordinates for Kineme Quads which are being set using interaction node (using mouse) ?

Thanks for help

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Re: storing interaction data

Sure is. This is a bit of an overdone patch, but you could pick out certain parts that may be useful:

It has a way to store points for the 1024 bezier patch in files using kineme file tools and structure tools

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Re: storing interaction data

Yes you can save a structure of variables down to a plist with kineme file tools. If your structure is really big you can use my mesh expoter plugin as well. It's basically the same thing as kineme file tools in regards to it saving a plist file but it is formatted as XML so other programs can access the data. It also has a reader built-in, and is optimized for xyzw coordinate data but the dra back is that is the only data you can save with it, meaning if you need to save strings and what not you would want to use kineme file tools. I'm not entirely clear on your set up but if you just want to save down points form your quads so when you open your file again the quad will be there you will need make a ltlle saving algorithm. Maybe every 4th point the mouse triggers a save and read plus makes a new file name for additional points or something.