v002 OpenKinect + Mountain Lion

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(sorry for double-post from v002 forums)

Hey all,

I’m having some interesting/strange glitching on Mountain Lion. If I hook up the Kinect patch directly to an output source (Billboard/Sprite), everything is fine, but the moment I try to do anything to the Kinect’s image (flip-flop, core image filter, etc), the output starts flickering between the depth image and the color image. This happens seemingly regardless of which image is being used (depth v. color), and I’ve yet to find an image-modifying patch that doesn’t cause the issue.

I’m using QC version 4..6 (framework version 5.1) on OSX 10.8.1 and the Beta 5 version of the Kinect plugin. Not sure if it’s relevant/helpful, but Kineme’s Kinect patch behaves normally (i.e. maybe they’re doing something we’re not?)

Any thoughts/advice would be awesome. Thanks!

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Re: v002 OpenKinect + Mountain Lion

As a workaround, try connecting the output to a billboard that's inside of a render in image patch, with a clear patch at later 1. Then attach the output of the render in image to whatever you need to do with it.

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Re: v002 OpenKinect + Mountain Lion

This is fixed on github.