video tracking

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Hello I want to do the same thing in this video:

But people trigger sounds in Ableton Live with MIDI note messages ON / OFF. I have a Kinect Can anyone give me a direction, a software?

thank you

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Re: video tracking


You need to explain a bit more what you want to do, if you want to do exactly the same as on the video, i think you will need some presence sensor and an arduino, get the data from the arduino with the kineme serial I/O patch, and link it to a midi/osc sender to trig your clips in ableton.

So the path would be some like this: sensor->arduino->serial I/O patch->Conditional-> OSC/Midi sender->Ableton

You also could do something with synapse for kinect: synapse->Quartz_passtrough->OSC receiver->Conditional-> OSC/Midi sender->Ableton

You may also check Memo Atken's Webcam Piano, here: There is an example patch at the bottom of the page (right click-> save under)

Hope that will help you!

Ps: If you need some help, i might be interested in working on it with you