Audio Tools and DV Audio via Firewire

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I'm fairly new to QC and I was excited to discover Audio Tools as a means of getting multi-channel audio inputs in my compositions.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get at the audio components of a DV stream on a firewire input, whether via Audio Tools or some other route?


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Re: Audio Tools and DV Audio via Firewire

To be honest I'd be inclined to turn the DV data into QuickTime at point and time of capture and avoid the multiplexed blues.

Got to admit I'd be interested to hear of any non QT solutions to dealing well with what are multiplexed tracks with Kineme's redoubtable Audio Tools in Quartz Composer [or with some other stock or 3rd party solution in QC].

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Re: Audio Tools and DV Audio via Firewire

That is beyond my experience. If that works for a live dv stream, can you tell me generally how to do it or recommend a reference? My composition modifies the live video using the audio from the space being viewed. Ideally I'd like to use more than two mics, but for now I'm sticking to what comes with a video camcorder.


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Re: Audio Tools and DV Audio via Firewire

Caveat-untested in your scenario (I have always used separate mics from video), but I've tested parts independently.

-You are plugging a cam directly into QC. The Kineme Firewire video patch will likely give you the best latency.

-You're trying to use the sound from the same cam, and get that into QC.

So, see if when you plug in your cam, if it can show up as the default microphone input, via system settings. If it can do that, you can access that sound in QC. If this works, the default audio device for QC should be able to bring in audio peak and spectrum data that you can do stuff with.

Alternately, Kineme Audio Tools has an object that shows all connected audio devices. By looking at that structure (get a structure index, attach it to the structure output, attach that to a consumer patch, and then hover over the audio device info node to see what devices you have). If you see your cam device, you can put that device name into the Kineme Audio Input, and then you will be getting the firewire audio from that in.

I haven't tried the Kineme Audio Tools with a firewire cam, only dedicated firewire audio units. However, I have definitely hooked up cams with sound capabilities to macs and have had no problem setting it as the default sound device. This makes me believe you should be able to get your video as well as your sound into QC through a few routes.

The one issue you WILL have (I'm pretty darn sure), is actually having QC monitor that sound input, and play it back over the system. I don't think anything is available that does that (it occurs to me that this is a very obvious feature that is lacking).