CVTools strange haar.xml problem

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As I was looking for a "floodfill" way to label and track multiple bodies, I'm considering using the CVTools Haar Patch, but I have a strange problem :

if I use the example comp (with its haar file) directly from the download folder it works perfectly, but if I move it to another folder it crashes QC.

Apparently it does the same thing with other haar files. Does somebody had the same problem ? Is the XML file changing its format while copying ?

I have the attached crash report in the console.

20110328 Crash Report.txt19.36 KB

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Re: CVTools strange haar.xml problem

OK, apparently CVTools don't support "strange" paths. Putting my folder on the desktop solved the problem.

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Re: CVTools strange haar.xml problem

i was playing with face recognition only. i put all haar files in one place, so i could move the compositions arround without need to change the path every time and it worked fine. its all on the same drive/pertition. had no crash. what is "strange" path?