Corner pin keystone correction

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Hi guys!

I have searched the internet completely for a simple quad warp for QC that CORRECTS PERSPECTIVE.

I think the easy way would be to make the attached piece of Open Frameworks code into a QC-patch, that has

8 inputs: 4XY coordinates, and 16 ouputs: a 44 matrix to put into GL_Matrix_Mult

I cannot find out how to do it, does anyone have a clue– would it be easy/hard?



homography.h.zip1.65 KB

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Re: Corner pin keystone correction / _1024_Perspective

You can download _1024_Perspective QCplugin, that just does this.

Download from here: 1024 blog

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Re: Corner pin keystone correction

Ohh trust me– i did look VERY hard!

You did not read my message! The MSA Quad Warp and the Grid warp does NOT correct PERSPECTIVE... I have used the MSA Quad Warp extensively, but i could not live with uncorrected perspective.

But i also wrote an email to Franz about this, and as you see he has put up precisely what i needed – yesterday. A plugin that manipulates with the matrix instead of CI or un-perspectivecorrected stuff. Thank you Franz!

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Re: Corner pin keystone correction

you're welcome. Power to the mappers. Send me a report link if you use it.

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Re: Corner pin keystone correction

All test have been stable and good lookin' :-)

But, i still think that it could be interesting, to do what i purposed in my email to you, and at the top of this post:

To have a plugin that outputs a matrix from the 4 coordinates, wich you can plug into the GL_Matrix_Mult – becaurse you can but multiple sprites, and other 3d stuff in there, and transform it all– without having to do a "render in image".

Does anyone know: Is it possible to put one GL matrix inside another?

best, soren