Corresponding Signal?

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Anyone know if there is a signal which can be sent to a QC Composition which has gone haywire?

Would be nice if it were possible to send the Quartz Composer viewer a signal via 'kill' to stop the viewer, rather than hoping repeated clicks on the 'Stop' button will be intercepted.

Sometimes, I find myself clicking the 'Stop' button in the viewer for ages before the action is caught and the comp stopped. (Sometimes I don't want to do a Force Quit to avoid losing changes).

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Re: Corresponding Signal?

That is very obnoxious, isn't it.

I know that you can have kinemecore installed and go into terminal and type:

killall -SIGSEGV Quartz\ Composer

That will tell QC that it had a segmentation fault, which it did not, but will trigger kinemecore to think that QC crashed, and then save your comps to your desktop - that will avoid the problem of losing your work when you force quit (all of the above info, thanks @ cwright for his work in making that function and pointing it out.) Also, QC usually quits after you do that.

In Leopard it seemed that the save comps function used to work 100% of the time. (There's also an auto-save function that saves comps when QC crashes.)

Every once in a blue moon it doesn't work to save the comps in SL, but that's rare. It seems to help if the file you're working on is actually on your desktop... this seems to facilitate the "save to desktop" aspect of the kinemecore file recovery. When I'm working with files on external drives, or in the system, that seems to be when it doesn't save to desktop correctly during crashes or the terminal seg fault command (but I should really test that instead of just saying that... take it with a grain of salt.)

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Re: Corresponding Signal?

Thanks for the info.

btw, do you know how to switch YouTube back on too? ;-)

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Re: Corresponding Signal?

just did a

kill -SIGHUP

which seems to have sorted things out...