Export QC comp using Value Historian to Video with transparency

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I was using a video right in my QC project but I thought that was dumb since it really slowed things down and I dont think that's the way to go. I might be wrong...

Through the help of many nice people here (DUST comes to mind), I have been able to get my QC qorking as I would like. However, I need to get this into a high quality video format over a nice quality video and I am having huge problems.

Even using the excellent QuartzCrystal, the output looks really bad in imovie or any other video application. Embedding a video in this only makes the import slower with the same results. either the video is super soft, or the graphics arent real crisp. just looks bad.

Now, I know I probably shouldn't have created my lower-third graphic as a high quality TIFF and then overlay real time data on top, but it seemed like a logical workflow. When i make a contained app with the QC it looks fine, even on a TV. The problem is getting this out to video so I can upload it and show it to people. If I dont get this out to a TV in some normal scenario that is NOT hooking my computer up to a monitor, then this will be a failure.

So, on top of the quality issues, the valueHistorian isnt working on a direct imovie import. Exporting to mov first doesnt help the quality, but does solve the HELLO WORLD problem. Can someone provide me a workflow or workaround for this?

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Re: Export QC comp using Value Historian to Video with ...

Forget about using iMovie for the rendering. It won't render all plugins... you can probably get around this by using Kinemecore, and checking off which plugins you want to mark as safe for iMovie, but I haven't personally played around with that, as the anti-aliasing in Quartz Crystal is needed to at least get the image equivalent to what enabling multisampling in editor prefs does for QC in realtime (which I always have enabled). I can't stand the jagged edge look...

What are your settings/codec, etc? It basically just looks like you could improve your rendering quality. Why don't you try png, and rendering with 2x+ anti-aliasing (maybe 4~8x), and if there is a great deal of action going on, upwards of 60fps, and render in HD.

Then, if you import that into something like iMovie, even subsequent downsampling for uploads to the web will yield a much crisper movie.

Keep chipping away, because it's usually trivial to get something WAY better looking using Quartz Crystal than could be achieved through other methods.

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Re: Export QC comp using Value Historian to Video with ...

ok, I will try those jacked-up settings, but I had another question. When I change the size of the composition in my preview window, am I actually changing the size of the composition? Maybe I missed this, but is there a way to change the size of it overall?

This might be complicated (or made simpler) by the fact that I am NOT including the video in there. But maybe I should? I just really need a clean quality output like what I see when I run the composition. It's perfect and exactly what I need.

Any advice?